Training for You

Learn all the fundamentals of equitation, balance and horsemanship, as well as the unique gaits of your horse.

Whether your ambition is to become a top contendor in the show ring or to simply enjoy the bliss and contentment of recreational riding, Paso Largo's experienced trainers will help you develop the skills necessary to ensure your riding experience is both safe and rewarding!

Courses are available in SPANISH or ENGLISH for Adults, Teenagers and Children over four years old.

We offer several Equine Schooling Packages, including special weekend and intense week long courses, designed for those who do not live in this area.


Training for your Gaited Horse

Paso Largo Farm staffs an experienced team of gifted trainers who love and understand gaited horses. We work with all gaited horses, such as Paso Finos, Peruvian Pasos, Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Fox Trotters...just to name a few.

Each horse is conditioned in their training to reach his or her highest potential while buiilding trust and confidence levels.


Seminars & Clinics

Clinics and Seminars are held on a regular basis at Paso Largo Farm, providing educational opportunities to horse owners. In addition, the Micheletti's are frequently scheduled hosts of Cinics and Seminars traveling around the country to share their knowledge with interested gaited horse owners.


Want to Attend one of our Seminars or Clinics?

If you are interested in Attending a Seminar or clinic, please contact us using the information below.

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Need us to Host a Seminar or Clinic for you?

If you are interested in more information or would like to schedule our services to Host a Seminar or Clinic you are having in the US, please contact us using the information below.

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